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Concept and characteristics

The continuous auger bored piles belong to the category of bored piles with partial soil removal. Drilling is performed by means of a hollow, continuous auger.

This technique allows the production of piles with diameters varying from 300 to 1000 mm, for a maximum depth of 30 meters.


A hollow auger is inserted into the ground once the necessary depth has been reached, and then concrete is pumped down the hollow stem. At the same time, the hollow auger is withdrawn and, in order to reinforce the piling, the reinforcement is inserted while the concrete is still fresh.

It is possible to monitor the entire installation process of the piles. A flow meter provides accurate data that is then recorded and can be analyzed. Information that is collected includes penetration/uplift per revolution, auger depth and injection of pressure at the head of the auger.


One of the benefits of CFA piles is that there is no casing involved and so there is minimal disruption associated with their use. They also help to keep vibrations to a minimum and can be used on large projects, making them a good piling solution for a range of situations.

CFA piles are a type of piling that is especially good for use on building sites where there is a need to keep noise to a minimum.


Mokwa, Niger State, Nigeria
February 2014 - December 2014

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